Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"How can you defend people accused of a California DUI?" a common attorney question

"How can you defend people accused of a California DUI?" lawyers are often asked.  In California DUI cases, there are many extra strong or unfair legislative penalties vigorously lobbied by questionable organizations such as MADD, remind San Diego California DUI attorneys.  That could be motivation alone for a San Diego California DUI lawyer.

A number of people are wrongfully assumed to be drunk or DUI, prosecuted and convicted.  A good California DUI attorney is there to question the prosecution's case, analyze the evidence, offer a defense and zealously represent.  Otherwise, many more wrongful drunk driving or California DUI convictions could happen.

Although a California DUI prosecuting attorney must prove a driver was DUI beyond a reasonable doubt, many people are convicted that perhaps should not be.

The California DUI and DMV system of "justice" raises many eyebrows.  Every person accused of a California DUI should be prepared to retain a competent California DUI defense attorney.  When you have a strong California DUI defense lawyer, the system works better, folks more easily accept findings of guilty if there must be, and the likelihood of equal justice and due process is enhanced.

Many folks accused of California DUI may have done something wrong as a matter-of-fact but maybe they did something which is not specifically alleged.  People make mistakes and are just human.  People should not be treated too harshly or inhumane in handing down California DUI sentences.

"Strange as it may seem, I grew to like to defend men and women charged with crime...I became vitally interested in the causes of human conduct...I was dealing with life, with its hopes and fears, its aspirations and despairs."  [Clarence Darrow, American Lawyer].

There is humanity in the people facing California DUI charges, no matter what the public perception is.   It is up to California DUI attorneys to find that humanity and present it.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Only 2 drunk driving arrests at Costly Lemon Grove California DUI checkpoint has San Diego attorneys questioning its economic value & effectiveness

How much money do you think California and San Diego county paid for two lousy DUI arrests, attorneys are asking this morning.  San Diego California DUI lawyers know that in order to speak to over five hundred motorists at the drunk driving roadblock in Lemon Grove, lots of coffee & donuts must be available to keep all the cops going.  San Diego County DUI Law Center tracks these checkpoints here.

Friday night's July 26th DUI Checkpoint in Lemon Grove California went from 8:00 PM to 2:30 AM, as San Diego DUI deputies from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Lemon Grove Station conducted a DUI sobriety and driver license checkpoint near the 7900 block of Broadway in the City of Lemon Grove.

The checkpoint was staffed by approximately 11 DUI trained Sheriff Deputies. The purpose of the San Diego California DUI checkpoint is to generate cash but it appears this one lost money.  Money for this San Diego California DUI roadblock operation was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which must be going broke if gauged by this poor investment.

The San Diego California DUI operation resulted in 2 DUI arrests after five hundred motorists were inconvenienced, attorneys believe.  Over thirty vehicles were directed into the San Diego California DUI checkpoint's secondary inspection area for further San Diego California DUI evaluation. Ten tickets were given for suspended/revoked or no driver’s licenses & six vehicles were impounded during the San Diego California DUI operation, lawyers are told.

Don't you think those dozens of cops could have gotten more arrests doing their regular duties, patrolling the roads?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Race Car Driver charged with California DUI after forcing others off track while drunk, attorneys are told

Remember in California you can be DUI in any vehicle or moving thing that has an engine or motor, including a boat or a scooter or a race car, San Diego California DUI lawyers remind.  Do you think it's a good idea to get the booze on and then race competitively, California DUI attorneys ask?  One sixty-four year old guy may have needed the alcohol to get the courage to drive fast against other drivers in Santa Cruz area's Watsonville Ocean Speedway.

Busted for a California DUI by the Santa Cruz California Highway Patrol was Leslie Hunter who allegedly drove recklessly and drunk while racing around the racetrack at 8:20 p.m.  The drunk driving cops got him in the pit area after complaints of him forcing other drivers off or to the side of the track.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cell phone use is out of control, more dangerous to your life, liberty, job and driving record than ever, show San Diego California DUI lawyyers

Cell phones are changing everything! Are they ruining this country? Are they getting people in trouble they wouldn't usually get in, asks San Diego California DUI lawyers.   How do we stop excessive cell use?

Yesterday a number of San Diego California DUI arrests were the result of drivers messing around with their cell phones after leaving the Del Mar race track, attorneys are told.

Put your cell phone in the trunk before you drive, say San Diego California DUI attorneys.  That way you won't get a DUI you otherwise would not have gotten.  Touching the screen, checking messages, looking at the screen, dialing a number, viewing a text, composing a text or email, or listening to music on your cell can all get you a drunk driving charge.  So put it in the glove box and lock it before driving, say San Diego California DUI lawyers.

Texting can be more dangerous than DUI driving, say California attorneys.

Unless hands-free, it's against the law.

Everywhere you go, people are on their cell:

At work
At lunch
In a restaurant
Down the sidewalk
Through pedestrian crosswalks
On the beach
At the gym!

Have you ever seen a person waste most of their time at the gym checking and playing with their cell phone?  It's gonna cause obesity.

Held to your ear, can they cause cancer?

These gadgets can be harmful to one's life, liberty, job and driving record!!!!  Put 'em away.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Warning Notice for Opening Day for Del Mar Racetrack, San Diego California by DUI attorneys

July 17, 2013  Warning Notice for Opening Day for Del Mar Racetrack, San Diego California

San Diego California DUI attorneys say put the cell phone in the trunk if you are leaving the track.  Avoid distracted driving and mistakes and you decrease your chances of being pulled over, remind San Diego California DUI lawyers trying to help race fans at Del Mar from having their day ruined by a roving drunk driving saturation patrol!

San Diego California DUI cops from California Highway Patrol, San Diego Sheriff's Department, San Diego State University, University of California at San Diego, Escondido, Chula Vista, La Mesa, Coronado, National City and San Diego will be patrolling Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar and San Diego in droves as race fans exit Del Mar and continue on with the Opening Day festivities everywhere.

If you notice a checkpoint, email San Diego California DUI attorney Rick Mueller who can post it for free on his San Diego County DUI Law Center website listing drunk driving roadblock locations.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Santee Sheriff's Station is staging a San Diego California DUI checkpoint Friday, July 12th from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. in the City of Santee at a secret location

San Diego County drivers can look to California DUI attorney Rick Mueller's free checkpoint location service here.

The Santee Sheriff's Station is staging a San Diego California DUI checkpoint Friday, July 12th
from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. in the City of Santee at a secret location.  If you know the San Diego California DUI checkpoint location, please email California DUI lawyer Rick Mueller @ sandiegodui@yahoo.com.

San Diego California DUI checkpoints are used by cops to identify offenders and get them off the
street, as well as educate the public on the dangers of  drunkdriving, California dui lawyers are told.

California DUI attorney emphasizes vehicle volume, traffic, and weather permitting, all vehicles may be checked and drivers who are DUI, under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be arrested.

Their San Diego California DUI checkpoint goal is to raise funds and to send a clear message to those who are considering driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol and/or drugs. The public is encouraged to help keep roadways safe by calling 911 if they see a suspected impaired driver. Cash for San Diego California DUI checkpoints comes from the bottomless California Office of Traffic Safety.

Wonder if this California DUI checkpoint has anything to do with the high speed DUI chase and accident with 4 drinking teens and a seventeen year old driver going 100 mph who hit a light pole at Main Street in El Cajon?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Outrageous July 4th DUI checkpoint Video shows how abusive cops can be, California DUI attorneys show

This outrageous 4th of July DUI checkpoint did not happen in California, attorneys note.  The DUI checkpoint video demonstrates how cops using excessive force and abuse citizens without regard for their rights, California drunk driving lawyers explain.

A young male driver is trapped inside a DUI checkpoint and parks.

A DUI cop comes up to his window.  The driver puts his window down just enough so the two individuals can clearly hear each other.  Any smoke or smell in the car would go out the window or be detectable.

The DUI cop never asks the driver if he had been drinking.  Instead, he bullies around the young man, refuses to answer the motorist's reasonable questions as to whether or not he is being detained,  fails to advise the young man why he is being detained, has the young man pull up where they do the following without the young man's consent:

  • Get him out of the car.
  • Question him without answering his questions.
  • Lie to him about what his rights are.
  • Lie to him about the law.
  • Get a K-9 dog to sniff around the car.

When the K-9 does not alert to drugs, the handler gives voice commands which cause the dog to scratch the car every time the command is made (false alerts).  They even put the dog up on the hood of his car, damaging his paint finish.  No drugs are there but cops open up car.  They search.  Find nothing except the video and shut it off, lawyers exclaim!

Do we live in a police state, California DUI attorneys ask?  Have these checkpoints gone too far?  Remember these California DUI checkpoint requirements in California, drunk driving lawyers remind.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Keep your cell phone in the trunk, your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel 4th of July weekend, California DUI lawyers warn!

4th of July Weekend

What kind of things should you NOT be doing while driving, California DUI attorneys ask.

Changing the radio channel,
Talking on the phone,
Fondling, Kissing, Hugging,
Taking your hands off the wheel,
Disobeying the California road speed limit,
Disobeying California traffic signs or signals, or
Having an equipment violation such as an expired registration, one license plate, a broken head light, tail light or brake light.

Why shouldn't you be doing these things while driving, California DUI lawyers remind?

Because any one of these types of distracted driving or violations gives a California drunk driving cop probable cause or the right to stop you.   That usually means activating overhead lights or siren in a California Highway Patrol or other DUI cop vehicle, lawyers say.

Once the odor of alcohol or symptom of drinking is observed, you could be DUI toast, or at least facing a $14,000 legal problem, personal headache, loss of liberty, loss of California driving privileges, and other serious consequences, California DUI attorneys know.

Drive.  Do not mix driving with other activities.  Be smart.   Put everything (cell phone!) in your trunk.  Do everything you need to do before you start driving.  Stay in your land.  Obey the laws.  Be cognizant.

If you, your friend or loved one needs a San Diego DUI attorney, contact California drunk driving defense lawyer Rick Mueller for a free California DUI evaluation from your room.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Drinking & Driving not a safe hobby for San Diego Californians this 4th Weekend, DUI lawyers warn

Police are on a 4th of July DUI Arrest Rampage throughout California, DUI attorneys report.  No road not patrolled.  No driver not checked out for DUI.  It's near Gangsta, Gastapo DUI enforcement, California-style, San Diego drunk driving lawyers believe.

In the last couple of nights, San Diego's California Highway Patrol DUI cops buzzed through the county like a baby bee, stinging forty-six San Diego DUI drivers.  That's 9 more than last year's 4th of July patrol craze for drunk drivers in San Diego California.

Nobody died this year in San Diego California.  9 deaths happened in California crashes, though.  

This DUI Busting Madness will seem more intense because this is a longer holiday weekend.   In California, five hundred four California DUI arrests were made from Wednesday July 3 6:01 PM through Friday July 5 6 AM according to California DUI lawyers and highway patrolmen.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

How $125 helps determine the outcome in DMV Hearings and translates to $43,750,000.00 per year, San Diego California DUI lawyers know

4th of July

The $tate of California has budget concerns.  No problem.  California has lots of DUI arrests.

California DUI cops usually take licenses and issue a pink DMV order of $uspension, lawyers know.

California DMV charges every driver a $125 "reissue fee" for each driver's license $uspended, California DUI attorneys remind.

Each driver has the right to contest each $uspension action against it after arrested for DUI.  The DMV has to give the driver's attorney a "DUI" or APS hearing in California if requested within 10 days of arrest.

Does that mean California DMV will give the driver his or her license back?  Not necessarily.

Does that mean California DMV will $uspend the driver's license?  Yes if it can.  (Think of the money.)

And every time California DMV can $uspend a driver's license after a DUI, it gets $125.

Multiply that times the hundreds and thousands of California DUI arrests made and you not only have enough money to run each of the DMV offices and pay the hearing officers, you have extra money going to the $tate of California.  Big money.

Motive?  Opportunity?  Bias?

$125 X 1,000     drivers = $     125,000.00
$125 X 10,000   drivers = $  1,250,000.00
$125 X 100,000 drivers = $12,500,000.00

Over $12 Million dollars for every 100,000 California DUI drivers.

Over apx. 350,000 drivers face these types of DUI - related DMV $uspensions every year.

That's around $43 Million Dollars for the $tate of California.  Annually!

Nice chunk of change if California can get it... and it gets most of it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

San Diego expects huge crackdown by DUI cops from every direction so check out these sobriety ride options California DUI lawyers warn

California DUI checkpoints can be avoided and are listed on this San Diego DUI attorney's site.

California San Diego County Sheriff's Department announces at this press release "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" Campaign to arrest San Diego DUI drivers, California DUI lawyers warn.

The San Diego California DUID crackdown is in partnership with the AVOID the 15 DUI Task Force; named for the number of law enforcement agencies involved. Deputies and officers will be out on saturation patrols starting Wednesday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 7th.

DUI/Driver License Checkpoints are also scheduled at the following locations from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

 Friday, July 5th
 Encinitas, Poway, National City, Oceanside, San Diego
 Saturday, July 6th
 Imperial Beach, San Diego

Agencies participating in the Avoid the 15 taskforce include:

San Diego County Sheriff's Department Oceanside Police Department
California State Parks Ocotillo Wells Palomar College Police Department
Cal State San Marcos Police Department San Diego County Probation
Chula Vista Police Department San Diego Harbor Police Department
Coronado Police Department San Diego Police Department
Escondido Police Department San Diego State University Police Department
La Mesa Police Department University of California San Diego Police Department
National City Police Department

The California Highway Patrol or CHP will also deploy all dui and available officers for its maximum
enforcement period.

Fourth of July Sober Ride Options

 Tipsy Tow: 1-800-400-4222, http://goo.gl/qJ0za
 Be My Designated Driver: http://www.bemydd.com/
 Military Personnel: Arrive Alive Program – to get a card for a cab ride call 619-532-1373 or
619-532-1293. http://goo.gl/CYDJa; http://goo.gl/yt756
 Coaster: http://www.gonctd.com/summernite
 MTS (Metropolitan Transit System): 619-557-4555 http://goo.gl/5X13j

Funding for this operation is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, say lawyers handling dui cases.

Members of the media interested in covering the checkpoints should contact Lieutenant Julius
Faulkner at (858) 974-2089 or julius.faulkner@sdsheriff.org.