Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cell phone use is out of control, more dangerous to your life, liberty, job and driving record than ever, show San Diego California DUI lawyyers

Cell phones are changing everything! Are they ruining this country? Are they getting people in trouble they wouldn't usually get in, asks San Diego California DUI lawyers.   How do we stop excessive cell use?

Yesterday a number of San Diego California DUI arrests were the result of drivers messing around with their cell phones after leaving the Del Mar race track, attorneys are told.

Put your cell phone in the trunk before you drive, say San Diego California DUI attorneys.  That way you won't get a DUI you otherwise would not have gotten.  Touching the screen, checking messages, looking at the screen, dialing a number, viewing a text, composing a text or email, or listening to music on your cell can all get you a drunk driving charge.  So put it in the glove box and lock it before driving, say San Diego California DUI lawyers.

Texting can be more dangerous than DUI driving, say California attorneys.

Unless hands-free, it's against the law.

Everywhere you go, people are on their cell:

At work
At lunch
In a restaurant
Down the sidewalk
Through pedestrian crosswalks
On the beach
At the gym!

Have you ever seen a person waste most of their time at the gym checking and playing with their cell phone?  It's gonna cause obesity.

Held to your ear, can they cause cancer?

These gadgets can be harmful to one's life, liberty, job and driving record!!!!  Put 'em away.