Friday, July 5, 2013

Drinking & Driving not a safe hobby for San Diego Californians this 4th Weekend, DUI lawyers warn

Police are on a 4th of July DUI Arrest Rampage throughout California, DUI attorneys report.  No road not patrolled.  No driver not checked out for DUI.  It's near Gangsta, Gastapo DUI enforcement, California-style, San Diego drunk driving lawyers believe.

In the last couple of nights, San Diego's California Highway Patrol DUI cops buzzed through the county like a baby bee, stinging forty-six San Diego DUI drivers.  That's 9 more than last year's 4th of July patrol craze for drunk drivers in San Diego California.

Nobody died this year in San Diego California.  9 deaths happened in California crashes, though.  

This DUI Busting Madness will seem more intense because this is a longer holiday weekend.   In California, five hundred four California DUI arrests were made from Wednesday July 3 6:01 PM through Friday July 5 6 AM according to California DUI lawyers and highway patrolmen.