Thursday, July 4, 2013

How $125 helps determine the outcome in DMV Hearings and translates to $43,750,000.00 per year, San Diego California DUI lawyers know

4th of July

The $tate of California has budget concerns.  No problem.  California has lots of DUI arrests.

California DUI cops usually take licenses and issue a pink DMV order of $uspension, lawyers know.

California DMV charges every driver a $125 "reissue fee" for each driver's license $uspended, California DUI attorneys remind.

Each driver has the right to contest each $uspension action against it after arrested for DUI.  The DMV has to give the driver's attorney a "DUI" or APS hearing in California if requested within 10 days of arrest.

Does that mean California DMV will give the driver his or her license back?  Not necessarily.

Does that mean California DMV will $uspend the driver's license?  Yes if it can.  (Think of the money.)

And every time California DMV can $uspend a driver's license after a DUI, it gets $125.

Multiply that times the hundreds and thousands of California DUI arrests made and you not only have enough money to run each of the DMV offices and pay the hearing officers, you have extra money going to the $tate of California.  Big money.

Motive?  Opportunity?  Bias?

$125 X 1,000     drivers = $     125,000.00
$125 X 10,000   drivers = $  1,250,000.00
$125 X 100,000 drivers = $12,500,000.00

Over $12 Million dollars for every 100,000 California DUI drivers.

Over apx. 350,000 drivers face these types of DUI - related DMV $uspensions every year.

That's around $43 Million Dollars for the $tate of California.  Annually!

Nice chunk of change if California can get it... and it gets most of it.