Sunday, July 7, 2013

Keep your cell phone in the trunk, your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel 4th of July weekend, California DUI lawyers warn!

4th of July Weekend

What kind of things should you NOT be doing while driving, California DUI attorneys ask.

Changing the radio channel,
Talking on the phone,
Fondling, Kissing, Hugging,
Taking your hands off the wheel,
Disobeying the California road speed limit,
Disobeying California traffic signs or signals, or
Having an equipment violation such as an expired registration, one license plate, a broken head light, tail light or brake light.

Why shouldn't you be doing these things while driving, California DUI lawyers remind?

Because any one of these types of distracted driving or violations gives a California drunk driving cop probable cause or the right to stop you.   That usually means activating overhead lights or siren in a California Highway Patrol or other DUI cop vehicle, lawyers say.

Once the odor of alcohol or symptom of drinking is observed, you could be DUI toast, or at least facing a $14,000 legal problem, personal headache, loss of liberty, loss of California driving privileges, and other serious consequences, California DUI attorneys know.

Drive.  Do not mix driving with other activities.  Be smart.   Put everything (cell phone!) in your trunk.  Do everything you need to do before you start driving.  Stay in your land.  Obey the laws.  Be cognizant.

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