Monday, July 8, 2013

Outrageous July 4th DUI checkpoint Video shows how abusive cops can be, California DUI attorneys show

This outrageous 4th of July DUI checkpoint did not happen in California, attorneys note.  The DUI checkpoint video demonstrates how cops using excessive force and abuse citizens without regard for their rights, California drunk driving lawyers explain.

A young male driver is trapped inside a DUI checkpoint and parks.

A DUI cop comes up to his window.  The driver puts his window down just enough so the two individuals can clearly hear each other.  Any smoke or smell in the car would go out the window or be detectable.

The DUI cop never asks the driver if he had been drinking.  Instead, he bullies around the young man, refuses to answer the motorist's reasonable questions as to whether or not he is being detained,  fails to advise the young man why he is being detained, has the young man pull up where they do the following without the young man's consent:

  • Get him out of the car.
  • Question him without answering his questions.
  • Lie to him about what his rights are.
  • Lie to him about the law.
  • Get a K-9 dog to sniff around the car.

When the K-9 does not alert to drugs, the handler gives voice commands which cause the dog to scratch the car every time the command is made (false alerts).  They even put the dog up on the hood of his car, damaging his paint finish.  No drugs are there but cops open up car.  They search.  Find nothing except the video and shut it off, lawyers exclaim!

Do we live in a police state, California DUI attorneys ask?  Have these checkpoints gone too far?  Remember these California DUI checkpoint requirements in California, drunk driving lawyers remind.