Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another simple reason why you should not appear at a DMV hearing, remind California DUI lawyers

Another reason NOT to appear at your DMV hearing is when the California DUI officer appears, California DUI attorney Charlie Unger reminds.

That's because YOU being there may help the California DUI cop refresh his memory about what happened, lawyers suggest.

The preferred approach is for the licensee NOT to appear at DMV.  See this San Diego County DUI Law Center information page.

If you were arrested August 13 and the DMV hearing is in October or November, a subpoenaed California DUI cop may have trouble remembering some of the details.  He or she has lived a couple of months or more and with the passage of time goes memory of events.

The California drunk driving cop won't remember you through your DUI attorney.  You are remembered by your face.  So if YOU show up at the DMV hearing, the California DUI cop may have a better memory and provide more detail than you would care for him or her to remember.

Less facts = better.
More facts = not better.

KISS.  Keep It Simple Stupid.