Sunday, August 11, 2013

California DUI attorneys may not trade sex for defense work and prostituting lawyers may not trade sex for office supplies

San Diego PD's reputation for trading Sex for No DUI made some California news, drunk driving lawyers remind.  Now DUI attorneys are hit with 2 new cases this week, (A) one that says prostituting lawyers can't trade sex for office supplies and (B) another that says DUI lawyers cannot trade oral sex for DUI attorney defense representation.  In doing so, rules of professional conduct were violated.


3. In November of 2010, "Jane Doe" was arrested for
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substance
( "DUI") .
4. Ms. Doe had previously received an Accelerated
Rehabilitative Disposition for a prior DUI.
5. In or about February 2011, Ms. Doe met DUI Defense Attorney
Respondent at his office. ("First Meeting")
6. Prior to the First Meeting, Respondent and Ms. Doe had
never met.
7. At the First Meeting:
8. a) Ms. Doe advised Respondent of her previous ARD
and her recent arrest for our and inquired as to
his fee for representation;
b) Respondent quoted Ms. Doe the fee of $1,000 to
cover the work associated with an anticipated
guilty plea agreement;
c) Ms. Doe advised Respondent that she did not have
a lot of money;
d) After further discussion, the parties agreed that
Ms. Doe would perform oral sex on Respondent;
e) Respondent left his desk and locked his office
dlor; and
f) After Respondent locked the office door, Ms. Doe
performed oral sex on Respondent.
A few weeks after the first meeting, Respondent
entered his appearance on behalf of Ms. Doe for her our matter.
9. On at least two additional occasions after the first
meeting, and prior to the conclusion of Ms. Doe's criminal
matter, Ms. Doe performed oral sex on Respondent in his
office, after he had locked the door.
10. Respondent represented Ms. Doe until the conclusion of
the DUI case.

B. Earlier this week, an Illinois Attorney was guilty of prostitution and agreed to 3-year suspension of law license.  She had sex in exchange for office supplies for her legal practice and later pleaded guilty to prostitution charges, state records show, say lawyers.