Sunday, September 15, 2013

Press Release for San Diego California DUI News, Checkpoints, LeBron James' Wedding, Pacific Beach and San Diego Chargers

As the summer ends, California DUI attorneys reflect on developments in San Diego drunk driving situations. DUI lawyers in San Diego California remind people to not drink & drive, to not text & drive and to avoid the regular drunk driving roadblock locations found at this free updated site.

While last night's LeBron James' wedding at Grand Del Mar drew much San Diego California's people-watchers, the Pacific Beach Gestapo DUI police patrols licked their chops as revelers dropped cocktails in the #1 drunk driving area of San Diego.

One drunk bicyclist in PB suffered injuries, reminding riders to be safe and wear a helmet. If you've consumed alcohol and drive, slow down for cyclists.

Today's NFL games are keeping many San Diego Chargers' fans inside their homes and area bars.  A beautiful weather day in Southern California means lots of outdoor activities.   Sunday is a relatively high alcohol use day so everyone needs to remember to have a designated driver and to not drink and drive to the point that it affects your ability to drive or puts you at or over California's .08% DUI limit.