Sunday, September 1, 2013

San Diego DUI roadblocks in Pacific Beach & Encinitas Labor Day weekend, report California DUI lawyers

San Diego DUI police put up a roadblock in Pacific Beach on Grand Ave last night, essentially blocking every car heading east towards the California I-5, San Diego DUI lawyers reporting these locations say.  

California Highway Patrol drunk driving cops busted 34 folks in San Diego County compared to 46 in 2012 for the same friday 6 pm to sunday 6 am period.  1 person died in a San Diego California DUI arrest this Labor Day weekend, say San Diego DUI attorneys.

In Northern Coastal San Diego, Encinitas' San Diego Sheriff's Dept. drug goons trapped motorists friday from 8 to saturday 1:20 at 1200 South Coast Highway California DUI roadblock.  Over 600 vehicles were forced to go through it, resulting in 3 California Drunk Driving arrests.

These California DUI checkpoints in San Diego county are funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Throughout California there were 60 less DUI arrests than last year, up to 892 for friday 6 pm to sunday 6 a.m.