Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guy who can't keep his pants up is chased down by neighbors and arrested for California DUI in San Diego, attorneys say

Is it a good idea to chase down a drunk driving suspect in San Diego California, DUI lawyers ask?  No.  He might have a weapon so it is not safe to chase and detain possible suspects...especially for DUI since most citizens don't know if the person is impaired or DUI or not, San Diego DUI attorneys emphasize.

There can be an exception, like when a suspect admits he was drunk and tries to get away after an accident. Last weekend, a young guy driving a silver vehicle kind of played bumper cars as he hit a number of parked cars along Thorn Street in College Grove.  When his car stopped, he tried to get away.  But he could not run because his pants were way down like young folks wear.  His pants were so low he had to hold on to his pants while he tried run but he could not do them.

Neighbors held onto the pants guy until San Diego Police Department made the California DUI arrest.