Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just how complicated does successful negotiation of a California DUI get in San Diego County, lawyers are asked?

There's a huge difference between an experienced California DUI criminal defense attorney and one with lesser California drunk driving lawyer qualifications, especially in San Diego County.  The difference between a good deal for the unfortunate driver facing a San Diego California DUI and a bad deal may boil down to the ability of the California DUI lawyer to successfully negotiate.

When considering a California DUI attorney, start with a lawyer like San Diego County DUI Law Center's Rick Mueller who has 30 years of experience and is a "Specialist" designated by the California DUI Lawyers Association.

If you're thinking of financially applying for a public defender, first consider this.  And more importantly the facts.

Facts play a major role in getting California DUI charges dismissed or reduced:

How was the person driving?

What was the person's attitude?

How did the person talk and walk?

What did the person say?

Did the person appear drunk?

What was the drinking pattern related to the California DUI officer?

What was the person's BAC test results?

What does all of the evidence look like?

Does the person have any prior California DUI?

How is the person's driving record?

Which San Diego or California DUI court is the case in?

Which California DUI police agency and officer in San Diego County?

Who is the California DUI attorney prosecutor?

Who will be the California DUI judge?

Who will handle the California DMV hearing?  (Certainly not a PD".)

The answers to all these questions go into a complicated variable ultimately resulting in either less penalties or heavier punishment and/or dismissal or reduction of California DUI charges, lawyers remind.