Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Think you're being pulled over for a California DUI? What you should you do? Reach for your gun?

Do you really want to fire at a California DUI officer who is trying to pull you over, San Diego DUI lawyers ask?  If you do, once you're caught, you're going to jail without bail, say San Diego California DUI attorneys.  That's exactly what happened Saturday night at the "City in the Country," Poway (North San Diego County Inland California).

Around 7:50 p.m. on the sixteenth of November, an on duty San Diego DUI police officer attempted to pull over the driver of a vehicle because he believed the driver may have been driving under the influence of alcohol.

The San Diego California DUI officer activated his emergency lights at the intersection of Espola Road and Poway Road. Shortly after activating his lights, the San Diego California DUI officer heard what he thought was a gunshot. A few seconds later he heard three more shots and also saw the muzzle flash from a firearm. The flashes appeared to come from the passenger side of the vehicle. The San Diego California DUI officer immediately notified the San Diego Police Communications Center, and deputies from the Poway Sheriff's Station were requested to assist the San Diego California DUI officer. San Diego California DUI deputies arrived near the intersection of Poway Road and Welton Road in Poway where the police officer had the vehicle stopped. Deputies conducted a high risk vehicle stop. Two men were removed from the vehicle and detained. Inside the vehicle, San Diego police officers found a handgun. San Diego California DUI Sheriff's deputies closed Poway Road temporarily while the deputies searched the area where the shots were fired. San Diego California DUI deputies located expended shell casings from a handgun in the roadway. There were no injuries to the suspects or San Diego California DUI officer.

Detectives from the Poway Sheriff's Station are conducting the investigation, which is still ongoing. Sheriff's detectives arrested the passenger, 28 year old Michael Rains of Ramona, and the driver, 18 year old Daniel Schwartzel who claimed to be a transient. Both will be booked into San Diego Central Jail for 664-187 PC attempted murder and the driver for San Diego California DUI. Both are being held without bail.

Anyone with information about this San Diego California DUI / attempted murder case can call the San Diego California Sheriff's Department non-emergency line at (858)565-5200.