Friday, December 27, 2013

California Highway Patrol reports only 28 DUI arrests in San Diego County this Christmas, say San Diego DUI attorneys

California DUI lawyers' news release flash indicates drunk driving pops are pretty low this Christmas 2014 season, say San Diego DUI lawyers.

San Diego DUI arrests and California DUI numbers are low this year:

SAN DIEGO - Christmas holiday statistics reported by the California Highway Patrol revealed the number of arrests for suspicion of driving under the influence statewide and countywide were both down markedly compared to last year.

Fatalities decreased statewide, but were higher in San Diego County compared with 2012, according to the CHP. 

For the Christmas holiday period which started at 6:01 p.m. Christmas Eve and ended at 11:59 p.m. Christmas Day, there were 700 arrests for suspicion of DUI and 15 fatalities reported statewide in 2012 and 221 arrests and five fatalities for the same period in 2013. 

In San Diego County, there were 28 arrests for suspicion of DUI and no casualties last year, compared to 12 arrests and two casualties this year. 

DUI arrests include only those made by CHP officers. Fatalities reported are from all law enforcement agencies. 

The CHP investigates all crashes on freeways and all roads in unincorporated areas.