Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do California cops arrested for DUI get preferential treatment? If not, then why happened in San Diego, ask California DUI lawyers?

Let's say you are a California police officer and YOU get a DUI in San Diego?  Should you go to jail, ask San Diego California DUI attorneys?  Would you go to San Diego jail if you were NOT a cop, quiz California DUI lawyers?

Apparently the California Highway Patrol, a puppet of MADD, grants special favors to other police officers when arresting them for drunk driving.  What?

In San Diego County, if you are arrested for DUI by CHP, you are going to jail.  That's not always the case if arrested for a California DUI by Carlsbad or Chula Vista Police Department.

But the California Highway Patrol makes sure you get locked up in a jail cell if arrested for DUI.  CHP publicly advertises that ANYONE who drinks and drives is "taken to jail."

Of course not if you work for San Diego Police Department and your name is twenty-seven year old Amanda Estrada.  She was stopped by California Highway Patrol on Rancho Bernardo Road, east of the 15, an area who-knows-why The California Highway Patrol need to be looking for drunk drivers (the San Diego Police Department does a decent job with DUI arrests).

The California Highway Patrol cop thought the San Diego Police Dept cop was DUI.  A so-called "field sobriety test" known as a Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test was done.  This is actually a breath test that comes into evidence in most San Diego courts on a daily basis.

Her results were below .08% say the California Highway Patrol but the CHP cop thought the SDPD was still "under the influence of alcohol."  Instead of "arresting" her which is the norm, she was "cited."  She did not go to San Diego jail.  She took home a ticket.

The citation is a promise to appear.   A California Highway Patrol Sgt. said she was trusted to appear based on her "promise to appear" in court.