Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Will Los Angeles Clippers sign Lamar Odom after DUI conviction, California DUI lawyers ask?

Lamar Odom's 1 year refusal DMV administrative hearing is coming up, say California DUI attorneys.

Lamar pled to a California DUI charge yesterday.  He was placed on 3 years summary probation, ordered to attend a three month first conviction program and pay $1,814 in fines, say California DUI lawyers.

The California DUI judge accepted his change of plea after his drunk driving arrest on 8/30/14 while cruising in his white Benz SUV at 50 mph "in a serpentine manner," say California Highway Patrol DUI officers.

Lamar, who is very athletic, allegedly had trouble with the field acrobatics and roadside gymnastics, California DUI lawyers are told.  He is remorseful.  I hope his footwork is better when he rejoins the NBA.