Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Will rehabbing Amanda Bynes go to jail for her California DUI, attorneys are asked

California DUI attorneys represent important people and regular people like you and I.  Celebrities get in trouble just like judges and cops do, say California dui criminal defense lawyers.  One celebrity is looking at jail unless her California DUI attorney can save her from it.   Here's what is up:

Amanda Bynes is hoping to resolve her DUI case without being hit with any jail time.

Amanda Bynes' long-running DUI case was back in a California courtroom Tuesday and sources said the "Hairspray" actress is hoping to resolve the matter soon without any jail time.
Los Angeles County Judge Edward Moreton Jr. set a new pre-trial hearing for Feb. 20. He said he wanted to get the ball rolling again after a different judge found Bynes competent in November to continue with the nearly two-year-old misdemeanor case.
Bynes' lawyer declined to speak to reporters outside court, but sources said both sides are working to hammer out a plea deal and avoid a trial.
The former child star was released from in-patient psychiatric treatment in November and is now living with her parents in Thousand Oaks, Calif., while under a mental health conservatorship.
She was formally diagnosed with schizophrenia after months of disturbing behavior that culminated with a makeshift fire set in a stranger's Southern California driveway last July, sources told The News.
The 27-year-old actress stripped her burning pants off during the mayhem and told a witness that her gasoline-drenched dog was hurt and needed help, the witness said.
"She's doing really well," a source told the Daily News Tuesday. "If she stays on her program, she'll be just fine."
Bynes has pleaded not guilty in her California DUI case, previously denying she was drunk or high when she allegedly hit a Los Angeles County Sheriff's cruiser on Apr. 6, 2012.
The former Nickelodeon star also was involved in two hit-and-run incidents that year but got the misdemeanor cases dropped by reaching civil settlements with the victims.
She was later cited for driving without a license near Burbank Airport in September 2012.
Bynes pleaded "no contest" May 9 to one count of driving on a suspended license and received three years of informal probation.
The wig-wearing actress also is nearing a conditional dismissal deal in her Manhattan bong-tossing case, her New York lawyer hinted last month.
Bynes now is attending outpatient treatment several times a week and is newly enrolled in classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine, Calif., a different source said last month.
"She is excited to get a fresh start," "She's made great strides in her progress," lawyers are told.