Tuesday, February 25, 2014

San Diego Police Department takes the cake for drunk cops, sex scandals and MADD DUI arrest records, local California DUI attorneys share

San Diego Police Department DUI cases continue in California news, as lawyers learned today yet another San Diego Police Department detective, "Karen Almos," was arrested for drunk driving after serving 16 years on the force.

She was discovered asleep in a parked vehicle at 2000 Pan American Plaza mid-Saturday afternoon, according to San Diego California DUI attorneys who can argue in their sleep that "sleeping is NOT driving."  

While this latest San Diego Police Department officer accused of drunk driving may have been passed out and perhaps even drunk in public per Penal Code Section 647(f), this case appears to be defensible as she waits on administrative leave pending the conclusion of yet another SDPD Cop DUI arrest.

In other local San Diego Police Department "Sex for No DUI" news, notes were revealed after“Jane Doe” complained that San Diego Police Department Officer Anthony Arevalos had her take off her remove her panties and display her breasts in a 7-11 bathroom in exchange for not charging her with drunken driving.  The notes do not say he touched her genitals, a key act which was a basis for the sexual battery charge leading to a heavy 8 year prison sentence for the cop which was just overturned.  

There's already been at least around $800,000 in settlements over these Sex for No DUI cases.

Another San Diego Police Department detective recently got 25 days of public work service for hitting a utility box.  He's the same SDPD detective who mysteriously was involved in what started out as an alleged "cover-up" that San Diego PD DUI case.

Don't forget MADD Prince Deuce Hound Dog Jim Zirpolo, a San Diego Police Department Officer who had a record 205 DUI arrests in 2013.

The stories seem endless.