Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What? "Badging" won't work? A California DUI attorney prosecutor losing his license to practice law after 3 drunk driving convictions?

One California State Bar judge wants a 2-year suspension of a former San Francisco California DUI attorney prosecutor's law license after 3 California DUI convictions plus use of his badge to try to avoid arrest for drunk driving, San Diego DUI lawyers report today.

Marc Guillory, a San Francisco and San Bernardino County deputy district attorney, prosecuted at least 15 to 20 California DUI cases and settled 100 California drunk driving cases, San Diego DUI attorneys learned today.
Ouch. While a San Francisco deputy district attorney, Guillory was convicted 3 times of California DUI during 2008, 2010 & 2012.
"Badges?  We don't need no stinking badges!"

The attorney allegedly showed the arresting California DUI officer his deputy district attorney’s badge when asked for his driver’s license in each drunk driving case.  This egregious “badging,” a request for special treatment, did not work in any of the 3 California dui cases.
Prior to becoming a lawyer, Guillory had another conviction in 1999 for misdemeanor reckless driving with alcohol in his system. In that incident, according to the ruling, Guillory, after leaving a party where he drank beer, hit a disabled bus that was stopped with its lights flashing on the side of a street. His cousin, who was a passenger in his car, was killed.
Upon being granted a law license, Guillory purportedly told a State Bar examiner that he would never drink and drive again, according to McElroy’s decision.
“Respondent’s repeated alcohol-related criminal conduct, which has spanned a period of 12 years or more, shows a wanton disregard for the safety of the public and abnegation by respondent of the duties that he owes to his fellow man.” [California State Bar Judge McElroy]
“As a former DA who prosecuted DUIs, respondent is well aware of the wide swath of death, pain, grief, and untold physical and emotional injury that the drunk driver cuts across the roads of California and the rest of this country."