Sunday, April 6, 2014

Which roads to stay away from when going downtown San Diego on weekends, California DUI attorneys warn

Because the cops work hard to keep DUI checkpoint locations secretly under seal until a poor motorist finds himself or herself trapped, often the only help San Diego DUI lawyers can provide is to track the "usual suspect locations."

Like most human beings, drunk driving police are creatures of habit.  Last night's 1500 Fifth Avenue California DUI checkpoint is a common location for SDPD's "weekend crashers."

It's just a matter of knowing the streets to stay away from.  Avoid 1st Ave and G Street (East Village) when exiting Gaslamp.  Avoid Garnet and Grand Avenues in Pacific Beach and going towards the I-5; instead use far west streets north towards La Jolla even though it's longer drive to the north or use far west Mission Beach routes south towards Ocean Beach.

If you did not avoid 5th Avenue last night just before 11 pm until 3 a.m., you might have been one of the 10 unlucky drivers who found themselves unable to avoid yet another California DUI checkpoint in downtown San Diego on the weekend, local attorneys are told.