Thursday, May 1, 2014

Things you may or may not know about the California DMV, report San Diego DUI Attorneys

There's lots of things San Diego DUI Lawyers don't understand about the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Here's what California DUI Attorneys reportedly know:
  • With a budget of over $11 Billion per year, the California Department of Transportation and Housing which includes DMV, has an annual budget larger than 5 states in the U.S.
  • With over 42,000 generally nice California DMV employees, you would think the public could be well-served.
  • DMV is frequently hiring persons other than California's best and brightest.
  • For every license suspension action, California DMV stands to collect a sizeable fee.
  • DMV misrepresents to the public: "Get a DUI - Lose Your License."
  • DMV Hearing Officers wear both the hats of the prosecutor and of the judge.  
  • San Diego DMV Managers interfere with the Hearing Officers' decision-making process.
  • If a California DUI attorney's client tries to do something at a California DMV field office, he or she may be told something completely different by visiting another field office, or on another day, or even by going to another window.
  • Mandatory Actions Unit has the final say on driver's license questions.  Their # is (916) 657-6525.
  • When you call California DMV's Mandatory Actions Unit about important things like driver's license questions, you're probably going be part of the 90% of 2,100 daily callers who do not get through and receive the message:  "I'm sorry. We're busy.  Call back later."  Then the phone disconnects.
  • If you call the California DMV Legal Affairs, they tell you to call the Mandatory Actions Unit.
  • Frontline MAU employees may have been told not to even speak with California DUI lawyers.
  • If you do get through, you can count on an answer to a question that may or may not be correct. 
  • If you decide to try to call back, you may get an entirely different answer based on the same question.
  • If you get through to the same DMV employee on Friday and ask "Why (different answer to same question)?" you may expect DMV to say:  "Because it's friday.  I changed my mind."
  • Confusion often routinely outplays Certainty. 
  • A few California DMV employees sometimes appear to be graduates of the School of Incompetence.
  • If you try to speak to a Supervisor or Manager, you can probably count on a lack of accountability. 
  • There's little danger of feeling like you were treated fairly by an unbiased DMV even though most employees are nice.
  • If you sue the DMV and win, you may be entitled to attorney fees under Government Code Section 800.
  • If DMV were sued under California Business and Professions Code Section 17200 et. seq., for unfair, unlawful and/or fraudulent business practices, do you think they'd answer more than 10% of the telephone calls to Mandatory Actions Unit?
  • There's a reason the California Deuce Defenders (California DUI Lawyers Association) Founder and original author of the book "California Drunk Driving Law" coined the phrase:  "DMV means Department of Morons and Villains."
  • Why not legalize marijuana, hire more California DMV employees and give them all additional raises?
  • Advice:  California DUI lawyers advise patience and persistence.  Often there is a minimum 45 to 50 minute or more wait.  Redial "speed dial" works if you keep hitting "REDIAL."  
  • Other Tips: Start calling 10 minutes before 8:00 a.m. right when DMV opens.  If you speak Spanish, use that option.   
  • You can try DMV's "call-back" feature where DMV claims it will call you back in "X" amount of hours if you leave a message with license and phone number.
One frustrated California DUI DMV attorney recently echos what many California DUI lawyers know:  

"I have been trying to contact the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit for the past 7 days.  No luck. I call during business hours, receive an automated message stating that the Mandatory Unit is experiencing 'higher then average call volumes,' and then I am immediately disconnected."

One prominent California DUI Attorney reports he believes DMV has taken their evil to new levels. On 2 occasions recently, this California DUI Attorney called mandatory unit, got through and was on hold and heard the usual (you are gonna be holding for more than 10 minutes) thing. Then DMV noise or music plays in the background. Then after around 25 minutes the depressed voice comes on and tells the California DUI Attorney DMV is too busy and to call back later!  Again, this has happened twice in one day so the California DUI Attorney is in to DMV for about 50 minutes so far.  The California DUI Attorney sometimes tolerates the Mandatory hold if DMV tells the California DUI Attorney they're too busy up front as that California DUI Attorney can call back later, but to have California DUI Attorneys and other people on hold for awhile, then get that nasty tape - THAT IS TOO MUCH even for that California DUI Lawyer! 

There are a number of reasons you want to try to contact DMV Mandatory Actions Unit including those who want to find out about: