Sunday, June 15, 2014

DUI Death is the worst, California DUI attorneys agree

When someone is killed by a drunk driver, it can be very difficult for a California DUI lawyer to defend.  No one wants to see someone die upon a DUI collision.  Often the death is not foreseen by the drunk driver.

2 stories over the weekend both resulted in DUI deaths in California, San Diego attorneys learned today.

A Riverside daughter ran over her father after she left the house following an argument and he tried to prevent her from driving.  She hit him, realized it and just sobbed as he died afterwards.  What a way to start father's day weekend.

A former substance abuse counselor maintained someone jumped on her hood, causing her to panic, driving 2 miles as the body was wedged in the windshield.  Other motorists boxed her in.  Twice the legal limit, with two prior felony strikes, she was sentenced to 55 years to life for second degree murder and continuing to drive.