Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pacific Beach San Diego California DUI Checkpoint pops 14, lawyers announce

Last night, of all the San Diego drivers going through the Poway DUI roadblock, there was only about a .03% chance of a California DUI arrest, San Diego drunk driving attorneys reported today.

At the standard 2600 Ingraham Street Pacific Beach San Diego DUI checkpoint location from 11 pm to 3 am June 21 and 22, over 1,000 vehicles were subject to this Nazi Germany style of trapping drivers who could not see the staged trap until after going over the bridge.

Because there were just fourteen arrests for San Diego DUI, there was about a 1.4% chance of a California DUI arrest.  That almost a 5 times better chance of busting someone for Drunk Driving in the PB Area of San Diego County, lawyers convert.

PB's DUI cops detained 29 drivers for "sobriety evaluation" while impounding 15 cars.