Tuesday, July 8, 2014

National Law Proposed Requiring Ignition Interlock Devices in every state for every one convicted of DUI, San Diego California attorneys warn

Why not let the states govern themselves when it comes to requiring Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs)  in Vehicles of those convicted of DUI, San Diego California lawyers ask?  24 states are already doing the best job of imposing IID requirements, San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys show.

Yet, MADD presses on and forces its views on federal law makers who now want a mandate that all states require DUI probationers to install an IID for at least 6 months.  Today is the day the House learns about this proposed DUI - IID law which would make every person convicted of California DUI to put an IID in his or her vehicle, rather than the best, optional form of San Diego California DUI punishment for judges, lawyers believe.

California DMV has IID provisions for multiple offenders.  A number of Judges in downtown San Diego frequently require an IID for a person convicted of DUI when the BAC is .15% or more.

The anti- DUI propaganda in favor of MADD's push may be overstated and is not what is best.  With little scientific DUI - related facts as a basis, MADD expediently offers on alternative "compilation studies" which speculatively claim to save lives and over-inflated DUI costs in such a way that simple thinking public may somehow believe this latest drunk driving law idea may be well-founded.

It remains to be seen if Congress' members buy into this DUI measure which would force states to adopt or lose federal transportation funding, a scheme previously implemented to lower states' BAC threshold limit to .08%.  There's no reason to make DUI a federal issue, as states are the best at and quite capable of governing themselves.