Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Weekend San Diego California DUI Checkpoint News Bulletin: Avoid Del Mar Racetrack Sunday Ziggy Marley Concert, attorneys warn

Labor Day Weekend News Flash 2014!

San Diego loves to try stop drivers on holiday weekends.  Revenue demands motivate San Diego DUI cops to make lots of stops, even unlawfully at times when they go "ZERO TOLERANCE" on San Diego County citizens, California DUI lawyers know.

All weekend San Diego cops will try to arrest motorists so check here regularly for DUI checkpoint locations, attorneys remind.  San Diego County DUI Law Center shall assist in drunk driving roadblock areas so you can drive safely through your Labor Day Weekend without fear of going to jail.

Unless you have a designated driver, avoid Del Mar Racetrack Sunday for Ziggy Marley Concert, attorneys warn, as San Diego California DUI cops have been overzealous all summer...over there where "the surf meets the turf."