Friday, December 19, 2014

San Diego Police Department launches "My BAC" California DUI campaign, attorneys share

San Diego Diego County DUI Law Center notes Fox News reports the San Diego Police Department launched its “My BAC” campaign last night, designed to prevent drinking and driving during the holiday season.

Partygoers in the Gaslamp district volunteered to take a blood alcohol test as a learning experience, California DUI lawyers are told.
Chief Shelley Zimmerman hopes the test will serve as a wake-up call.
“They don’t think they are over the limit. This showed that they were and now they can make an appropriate decision not to drink and drive,” Zimmerman said.
Fourteen people have been killed by drunk drivers in San Diego in the past three years, California DUI attorneys remind.
“We all had a sip of Godiva liquor tonight and it was scary to blow into it,” said Elaine Montenegro.
This was the first time they have tested their BAC. They said it was a memorable experience.
“We learned tonight that it takes a while for the alcohol to process in your bloodstream,” said Jay Montenegro.
The display will move to different parts of the city throughout the holiday season.