Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ignition Interlock Devices reportedly do nothing to lower recesivism for California DUI offenders, lawyers announce

Based on a 3 year study, the California DMV finds Ignition Interlock Devices (IID's) do little or nothing to lower recisivism or deter first time DUI offenders. In a number of pages of DMV report, the following conclusion 
is repeated, once for each level of recidivism and then for drug or reckless driving as well:

"After adjusting for the change observed in non-pilot counties and other covariates, the results of the ARIMA time series analysis showed that there was no difference in the license based rates of DUI convictions in the pilot counties among first, second and third or more DUI offenders during the pilot program as compared to the non-pilot program"

The numbers reveal a general decrease in DUI at all levels similar in both 
pilot and non-pilot counties. California pilot counties had no significant statistical difference in the overall rate of DUI convictions than in non-pilot counties.

But there's lots of numbers here in 155 pages.  San Diego California DUI attorneys wonder if statistics can be misleading?

Conservative courts continue to order the IID when someone is convicted of DUI.  

California DMV allows for Early Reinstatement of license, with a little help from California DUI lawyers.