Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patrick's Day San Diego California DUI Patrol and Checkpoint Update

St. Patrick's Newsflash

California DUI checkpoints will ruin the Irish want-a-bes this week.  St. Patrick's Day is notorious.  That's why San Diego County DUI Law Center's attorney Rick Mueller posts these free locations.

San Diego County Sheriff's Department will be out in full force in the coming days looking for impaired drivers, California DUI lawyers report.

"When you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, be responsible," said Sheriff Bill Gore.

Avoid increased California DUI patrols by deputies across San Diego county on Tuesday, March 17th and Tuesday, March 31st beginning at 7:00 p.m. through 3:00 a.m. the following day.

There will also be two San Diego California Drunk Driving checkpoints in the following cities later this month:

• Friday, March 20th - San Marcos, North San Diego County
• Saturday, March 28th - Vista, North San Diego County

These locations are presently secret.  If you learn of the location, email to get it posted here.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims nearly 300 people have been killed in drunk-driving crashes between 2009 and 2013 across the United States.  Don't be part of St. Patrick's Day that has become a dangerous time because of people who decide to drink and drive.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

1,500 drivers trapped by Pacific Beach San Diego California DUI checkpoint, attorney says.

15 people were popped for California DUI at the 4200 Mission Bay Drive, Pacific Beach / San Diego California roadblock used widely in the past San Diego attorneys often warn.

It is important to stay away from certain main roads entering and exiting Pacific Beach on friday and saturday nights.  Because Grand Ave. feeds into Mission Bay Drive, avoid Grand.  Also avoid Garnett and Ingraham Streets.  If you wish to exit PB, consider going north through La Jolla even though it will take longer, or maybe go south through Mission Beach without using Ingraham, San Diego California DUI lawyers suggest.

San Diego County DUI Law Center provides a free, thorough List of California Drunk Driving Checkpoint Locations here.

Almost 1,500 drivers were trapped at this San Diego DUI checkpoint beginning Friday March 6 through Saturday March 7 at 3:00 a.m.  Over half of those California drivers were checked for drunk driving or DUI investigation.